With the growth that Talent has experienced in recent years there will continue to be an increased demand for parks and recreations facilities. The City has 9 park facilities of which seven are developed and two are undeveloped. The Parks system is maintained by the Public Works Department with the Parks and Recreations Advisory Commission provides input to setting priorities for the use and maintenance of the parks. The Commission is a 7 person board appointed by the Mayor with the consent of the City Council. One of the members can be a non-resident. The appointments to the commission are for a two (2) year term.

In addition to the maintenance and development of parks the Parks and Recreation Department organizes summer recreation activities primarily for the youth in Talent. The program has grown in the past few years. The programs themselves are designed to be self supporting through user fees.

In 2006 the City developed a Parks Master Plan that is intended to guide development of the municipal park system for the next 30 years. An extensive public participation processes coordinated by the Community Service Center at the University of Oregon assisted in the development of the plan. In addition to a comprehensive inventory of existing parks the plan included recommendations for the improvement of the parks. A capital improvement plan was developed together with suggested funding sources to enable the City to achieve its goals. In addition to the plan for existing parks a concept plan was prepared for the development of a new park to be located off of Suncrest Road that would provide a recreation area for the citizens living in the northeast section of the city. Suncrest Park and DeYoung Property will eventually be developed into a 19.49 acre park with opportunities for both active and passive recreation. This area has the possibility of being connected to the Bear Creek Greenway sometime in the future. A better access is needed to facilitate the public use of this park.

*To find the location of any of Talent's beautiful parks try our PARK LOCATOR

City of TalentCity of Talent
City of TalentLocated on a 12.34 acre site in the southern section of the City, Chuck Roberts Park is the largest park in the city system. The park contains a softball field, a basketball court, tennis courts, sand volleyball, a children's play area, a picnic shelter, restrooms and a large open lawn area for pickup games of soccer and other activities as well as a splash pad operated throughout the summer. The first section of a proposed walking/jogging trail was added in 2015, connecting the children's splash pad with the sand volleyball court, while providing a loop through mature, shady trees. A portion of this park, including 4 ball diamonds, restrooms and a concession area is utilized and managed exclusively by the Phoenix Talent Little League Association.
Newly reconstructed this park area connects the Civic Center area. The park itself is 1 acre and includes a play structure for younger children, restrooms and an open grassed area with sidewalks connecting the City Hall, Community Center, Library and Historical Society.
This is a 0.21 acre site, containing a half court basketball facility, a children's play area and a rectangular gazebo that functions as a picnic shelter. A wetland area has been developed into a small pond. This is a relatively new park and was developed as part of the Kamerin Springs Development but was deeded to the City and open to general public use.
City of TalentThe Old Town Park commonly known as the "skatepark," is located on Main Street between John Street and the railroad tracks. The project consists of a multi-use facility for skateboarders, in-line skaters and BMX bikers, perimeter sidewalks, lighting, landscaping and construction of a structure for shelter and viewing. Another significant section of the site contains lawn, benches, and a barbecue grill. The first phase, which consisted of design, engineering and construction of the skating facility, and the installation of storm drainage and underground utilities, was completed during the 1997/98 and 1998/99 fiscal years. A revised Old Town Park plan was approved by Talent's City Council on December 19, 2001.
This is a 2.46-acre site, which is located on the east side of Bear Creek along the Bear Creek Greenway. Lynn Newbry Park serves as both a destination for residents as well as a stopping point for users of the Bear Creek Greenway. The park includes a picnic shelter with two picnic tables, as well as a trash can and a BBQ grill. The park provides wildlife viewing opportunities, including salmon spawning in Bear Creek and birdwatching.
Joseph Park is a 0.28-acre site located on Joseph Street along Wagner Creek. Joseph Park is in very close proximity to Wagner Park. The site is bounded on both sides by residential homes. The southern edge of the site is significantly lower in elevation and consists of the riparian area along the Wagner Creek Greenway. The remainder of the site is lawn.
Wagner Park is a 0.76-acre site located on the north side of Rapp Road, where it crosses Wagner Creek. Wagner Creek borders the park to the south and provides significant riparian vegetation. It is largely grass, though the northern half of the site is populated by small pine trees planted by a local volunteer group. There is a picnic table and a bench overlooking the creek. Large tree trunks have been laid down along the eastern border of the lawn to divert high water and volunteer groups are restoring native vegetation along the creek. There is no parking. Please walk or bike.
Talent Bark Park is one of Talent's newest parks. Located across the street from Chuck Robert's Park on Talent Ave, it offers a play area for dogs of all sizes. Trees, grass and a pathway around the perimeter allow for both canines and their human companions a place for exercise, fun and freedom. Benches and a picnic table offer the owners a place to rest. Doggie stations are inside the park so owners can easily pick up after their pooches. Bring your dog, and enjoy the company of other Talent dogs. Bark Park's latest fun for dogs is a tunnel! It includes grass, a small hill, a tunnel to explore (with drainage and secure footing) - your dog will love it!
Wagner Creek Trail is a public/private access walkway along Wagner Creek, linking Talent Avenue to Highway 99. A sidewalk at Wagner Creek bridge on Talent Ave. follows a park-like stream side through the Old Bridge development to an unpaved private access path that winds among trees in a natural woodland setting along the creek through SOS Plumbing property to the Hwy. 99 sidewalk. Two benches along the path invite strollers to pause and enjoy the cool shade, exuberant green and sight and sound of running water. Created in 2011 entirely by volunteers, the trail still depends on friends and neighbors and occasional work- parties for upkeep.

Map of Proposed Walking Trail

Description of the Proposed Trail System

The City of Talent is constructing a trail system of slightly more than one mile in Chuck Roberts Park on Talent Avenue. The proposed trail system will link the park’s various recreational areas and be an active recreational element within itself.
The trail system will feature three loops: a Shade Loop through mature trees, which has already been created and is ADA accessible; a Mountain View Loop (around the open space where soccer goals currently stand); and an Upper Loop (around two of the Little League fields). Constructions on the latter two loops will begin soon.
Connecting paths would link the three loops, making the one-mile circuit possible. In addition, a path would cut straight across the open space to the Little League fields.

Name of the Trail System

The trail system will be named the Heritage Trail to celebrate Talent Avenue’s location on the historic Applegate Trail. In the future, heritage markers will be placed along the trail to commemorate Talent’s pioneer heritage, Native American heritage, agriculture heritage, service heritage, etc. Some citizens have already expressed interest in planting a heritage garden.

Benefits of the Trail System

Fitness: The trail system would provide a place for the community to walk or jog for exercise.
Connectivity: The trail system would connect the park’s various recreational elements, making the park more cohesive. In addition, it would establish a clear connection between the RVTD bus stop, at the park’s entrance, with the Little League fields. Also, by connecting to three existing (but seldom used) alleys leading into the park from Arnos Avenue, the trail system would formalize a direct walking link between the park and the neighborhoods on its north side.
Inclusiveness: The trail system would correct the common misperception that Talent’s parks offer nothing for adults—that they are “only for kids.” We envision everyone from small children with their parents to seniors using the trail system. In addition, the Shade Loop, with its ADA accessibility, will be designed for people in wheelchairs. In short, the trail system would increase usage of Chuck Roberts Park by making it more appealing to a wider range of people.
Community Pride: The views of Grizzly Peak and Roxy Ann Butte from the trail system would remind us that we live in a beautiful place. Meanwhile, the Heritage theme would foster an appreciation for the history of our community.